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Capitalising on Social Media to launch a product

  • Design
  • Health & Wellness

Capitalising on Social Media to launch a product

  • Social
  • Health & Wellness | Pharma
  • Biluma ( from the house of Galderma )

Brief / Problem

Biluma; from the house of Galderma, is a dermatologist recommended no. 1 skincare brand effective in treating hyperpigmentation and other skin conditions such as uneven skin tone, dullness, etc. The brand has a substantial standing amongst the dermatologist but wanted to position BILUMA commercially as an OTC brand.

More over our challenge was to penetrate the skincare category, which was Complex. Cluttered. Competitive.


Biluma’s key USPs are being backed by scientific formulations blended with natural ingredients. In addition to this, the brand’s key communication revolves around balancing the Skin Circadian Rhythm, a concept that establishes how the day & night skin function differently. Hence, the need of including different products following a skincare regime to balance this rhythm and treating the different skin issues.

Time and again the trend has been to encourage women to dive into the latest skincare regimes and enter the extravagant beauty fold! Many skincare fads may indeed come and go, one that’s always been in style and will always be: a glowing radiant skin.

But what exactly does this trend entail, and how do you achieve it when skin issues like blemishes, hyperpigmentation, excessive melasma are inevitable concerns?

With multiple products claiming the same results, one is often confused in picking what’s right for them. But being intimidated or lacking information shouldn’t hold anyone back from feeling confident in their skin, hence It’s time to make the pathway to a healthy bright skin hassle free and give everyone their moment to glow with ease.

Directing everyone towards making the most of a minimal routine with the goodness of both worlds, scientific techniques married with natural ingredients to ensure maximum visible results!

Based on this, we established the three pillars of our core strategy:

  • Educate

  • Build

  • Imbibe

  • Introducing the term ‘Skin Circadian Rhythm’ and it’s importance in the everyday skincare regime

  • Making consumers aware of skin issues and how they arise from the lack of the right skincare & regime

  • Enable consumers to take charge of their skincare by establishing the day & night regime one needs to follow for getting a brighter, even skin tone.

Leveraging these factors, we derived our communication strategy- Biluma brings you closer to #YourMomentToGlow!

How did we do it

Within 8 months we achieved

RBL Bank – Complete Utlitity