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Amazon Prime Video's The Family Man: Leveraging PUBG Content Creators

  • Social
  • OTT

Amazon Prime Video's The Family Man: Leveraging PUBG Content Creators

  • Social
  • OTT
  • 2017


Amazon Prime Video's 'The Family Man' is an Indian spy-thriller web series of a undercover NIA (National Intelligence Agency) agent, Srikant Tiwari essayed by Manoj Bajpayee who juggles between his domestic life of a family man and professional life of an intelligence agent dealing with terrorists


To build an anticipation and create a buzz around the launch of The Family Man through a content led approach.

Research and Strategy

When we studied affinities for our core TG's, we identified that 52% of the total audience are casual gamers*. This audience loves playing games on phone or social networking.

Report says that there are over 300Mn online gamers in India. Over which 200Mn gamers gaming conent on YouTube.

We partnered with 3 Top Indian PubG streamers from a leading clan. The idea was to leverage the fans and followers of Mortal Thug and Viper

How we executed the plan

To create an initial buzz the gamers posted a cryptic post on their Instagram story about a video dropping soon.

Critical aspect of our show was seamlessly integrated in this 9 mins video

Here is a look at the amazing video

The game was also put up on multiple social posts announcing their video with Manoj Bajpai which spread like wild fire in the gaming community

We extended our partnership by branding 5 live streaming videos. Mortal unboxed The Family Man gift dabba live on stream with over 21K concurrent live viewers

The Outcome

The video has garnered over 1Mn views organically. The videos reached 500,000 views in the first 5 hours of the release and overall received over 1.5Mn video views organically.

The live streaming garnered over 5.8 Mn cumulative views across all the 3 channels in the first week organically

Massive fandom for Manoj Bajpai and The Family Man was recorded in the comments

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