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Driving Organic Traffic for New Organic Supplements Category

  • SEO
  • Wellness

Generating and Growing Organic Traffic for a New Category of Organic Supplements

  • SEO
  • Wellness
  • About Brief

    Wellbeing Nutrition is one of the leading plant-based nutrition companies in India. The brand focuses on providing supplements that help fill in nutritional gaps and boost your overall health and wellbeing with the help of real ingredients and future-ready. Wellbeing Nutrition has maintained its own marketplace compared to its competitors because of its focus on providing high-quality natural ingredients nutrition and information education to its customers.

  • wellbeing

    The challenge:

    Stagnancy of organic traffic since the launch of the website Small search universe for services-related keywords Website platform complications and migration hindering SEO

  • Implementation

    • Followed each step that Google crawlers take while identifying any content and reverse-engineered it to match our intent.

    • Identified content verticals and publishing platforms to create a niche for the brand in a new category and compete with online marketplaces.

    • Identified SEO opportunities, targeted different keywords categories like informational, transactional.

    • Long tail, generic etc., and added relevant SEO recommendations per guidelines to improve keyword ranking & organic traffic.

    • Identified opportunities for off-page link building as part of the strategy to improve the website’s domain authority.

    • Refurbishment content to further strengthen the website and provide a strong anchor for the new product range to rank effectively.

    • Devised content strategy to establish the brand as a reputed health, wellness, and lifestyle powerhouse.

    • Added SEO-driven content to all the new pages and revised the same for existing pages, along with FAQs to rank for rich snippets and answer boxes.

    • Suggested a mix of topicals, product-focused and generic content to targeting GSC queries, product keywords, target keywords, etc.

The results:

Our strategies yielded massive outcomes!
  • wellbeing
    Monthly organic traffic has increased by 903% since its inception in Apr’21. We had about 4000 sessions coming to the website in May’21,
  • wellbeing
    We have seen an improvement in Domain Rating from 10 to 41 in Mar’23
  • wellbeing
    Top non-branded search volume keywords have started ranking in the Top 10 Position. We have 32 keywords ranking in the Top 10 positions as of Mar’23 with a search volume of 1,66,920.
  • wellbeing
    We have seen an improvement in Domain Authority from 13 to 25 in Mar’23
  • wellbeing
    The organic revenue for the brand has improved by over 966%.
  • wellbeing
    Transactions have improved by 237% in Mar’23

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